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About Us

The 1980s saw a boost of immigrants on the shores of Britain, while they left back their culture and food.  Though they were preoccupied with making a living, they still missed the taste of back home. Lakes Food Euro satisfied this demand by directly importing, retailing and wholesaling food ingredients of various cuisines from different parts of the world.

Since its inception in 1984, Lakes Food Euro was committed to lower purchasing costs, making food procurement easy and convenient. Lakes Food Euro soon transformed from a modest retail business, to supplying products in wholesale.

Today, Lakes Food Euro is the true athlete among food suppliers ranging from cash & carry, wholesalers, manufacturers, restaurants, caterers, bakeries & confectioners. We are committed to offering customers an innovative range of fine food products for the gourmet food industry.

At Lakes Foods Euro, we’ve worked hard to remain constant in our passion, dedication and commitment to importing and distributing the finest, most authentic food ingredients from around the world. This year we’ve continued to introduce new and innovative products, as well as implemented new and easier ways for UK retailers to access these wonderful products from around the world.

Our portfolio just seems to be naturally getting bigger and bigger with newer prestigious accounts contacting us directly and requesting we serve them too. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a first class service that they can depend upon and with doing that, we have built our reputation upon it.

With this ethos, Lakes Food Euro became a pioneer in this sector of food, championing and introducing many products into the UK.

Our thriving Export Division distributes branded Lake products worldwide including Africa and the Middle East. We also take pride in serving the United Nations as a supplier.

There are no clients too small or too big. We aim to provide a 5 star service within the food industry. Count on us for the authentic experience!