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Food & Drink Exporters

  • Consolidator and exporter of British food and drink
  • Hugely competitive pricing
  • Diverse range of brands to international market

Labelling & Logistics

  • In house labelling services
  • Warehousing
  • International Freight services

International Export Commodities

  • We have all variety of food products which cover daily consumers demand to meet their local appetite

Why Lakes Food Uk Exporter?

Lakes Food Euro is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wholesale food ingredients to retail groups, supermarkets, distributors and independents. Our export department exists to ensure that exporting food brands and products is a seamless experience. Our aim is to assure our clients and provide value-added and credible advice so that they can grow.

We have a dedicated team of experienced people to ensure you receive the best possible service. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive ranges and our delivery accuracy. We continuously strive to deliver our best.

Our industry leading service focuses heavily on the requirements of each client and their respective markets. We ensure all products are labelled, palletised and shipped safely to our customer requirements to arrive in perfect condition.

Due to our specialist’s links with freight forwarders and shipping lines, we are happy to provide our clients with competitive freight rates to almost any destination worldwide. Our freight service is very professional, and fast.

Lakes Food works in partnership with its customers and trusted suppliers to ensure that quality products, backed by industry recognised assurance standards.

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We are happy to handle your export enquiries and our Export Division has the knowledge and experience to deal with all of your needs. Feel free to contact us directly.

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